About us

Mission statement

Expertise, quality and years of experience have developed andres into an established force in the display industry. This success is based on three significant factors: Communication, flexibility and transparency.

Nothing is more important than smooth communication. Both externally with customers and partners, as well as internally between the individual departments. Due to the continuous exchange of ideas and the short lines of communication in-house, andres has a powerful team at its disposal that can realise customer needs with precision.

Flexibility is a must if you want to adapt to changing market conditions and individual customer requirements. andres offers a full-service, which delivers the best presentation for every single product - professionally, economically and successfully.


A company is only as good as its team and that also applies to us as a display manufacturer.

Whether in sales, design, accounting, procurement or production: andres employs specialists, who are influenced by their experience and knowledge each day when developing and manufacturing new displays and product presentations. As an employer, part of our social responsibility includes promoting each individual’s strengths and supporting independent engagement.


For people.

As a training company, it is clear that we bear responsibility for our employees and we offer them the opportunity to further develop their professional skills. Similarly, part of our company culture includes the integration of people with disabilities.

For many years we have been successfully working with Rhein Sieg workshops by Troisdorf Life Aid. As part of this, we trained a set group of workshop employees and installed special machines on site. Furthermore, in February 2014 we created in-house job-integrated work places for handicapped persons in the andres production department.

Such team togetherness is a key component in our company philosophy and hardly a day goes by where we do not learn with and from each other.


For the environment.

andres is also highly focused on sustainability with regards to protecting the environment. As well as using state-of-the-art and therefore more energy-efficient machines, we use long-life and recyclable materials where possible and value resource-friendly manufacturing. Our in-house production and logistics ensures flexibility and short journeys. That saves materials, time and money and not only does it protect the environment but also our customers’ budgets.

The flexible and modular use of POS presentations increases their lifespan. Therefore during planning, a careful use and targeted mix of materials is taken into consideration, thus opening further possibilities for an equally successful and sustainable POS presence.

Sustainability safeguards the future. andres has the expertise.